About Me


newp5Greetings! My name is Thorton Paul and I am a style and fitness influencer out of Boston, MA. In this modern day you come across more and more bloggers everyday that seem to do the same thing or may have the same style. I created a blog not to be different but to show how I’ve owned my personality and incorporated into my style. A quick background of myself, Graduated from Lesley University in 2011 with no real understanding of what I wanted to do, I chose to start my career instead of continuing my trajectory with basketball. First generation Haitian, coming from a family of four.

I am a former basketball player, Haitian American, tall, dark skinned male with Locs coming out of an urban city so I truly dress with distinction from my peers and I represent the small percentage of males that come from my background that love to be dressed. I want to inspire young men in every urban community and show them that it is exhilarating to get dressed and to put the Jordans away. Own who you are and incorporate it into how you dress.In this blog, I want to also touch on techniques that will assist in achieving the body of your dreams and many tib bits on just living a happier life. I hope you enjoy the ride.

Love The Process.